"It's a constant, continuous, spectacular world we live in, and every day you see things that just knock you out, if you pay attention."

-Robert Irwin



There are moments in my life when I am completely moved by the beauty  around me.  Whether it is seeing the Tetons for first time, or hearing a soaring voice climb over a medley of guitars, or noticing an interesting reflection off a minimalist piece of art, it is in these moments, I feel I am at my most complete.  These moments of pure beauty are what motivate me as a designer.  I want people to feel moved by something I have created, in the same way so many others have done for me.


For years I have searched for ways of expressing these moments.  Then it hit me while working in my garden.  There is so much beauty in what nature has already given us.  The realization led me to Landscape Architecture.  I have finally found my canvas and I am beyond excited to  create these moments of beauty where others can feel at their most complete.


During my time in school, I have come to realize that beauty is at its fullest when it involves collaboration.  When as many people as possible work towards a goal only then can we create something truly beautiful and universal.  I believe that we need to allow access to our thoughts and designs to all people, designers and non designers alike.  Only with this collaboration can we avoid mistakes designers have made in the past and create a better future.

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